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Friday, January 29, 2021

Valorant Player Xhade Banned By Riot | Check His Statement And Other Information

Indian Valorant Player, Abhay 'Xhade' Urkude, playing for the team ParaTroops was recently banned by Riot for using Third Party App which, the caught player, claimed to be an 'FPS Booster' later on the live stream of 8Bit Binks Xhade confirmed that was cheating few months back in competitive matchs to reach Radiant.

ParaTroops played a tournament match of TEC against XTZ eSports and the match was won by ParaTroops. After the incident and the confirmation that the player was hacking XTZ eSports will be awarded third place in the TEC Tournament instead of ParaTroops.

Xhade confirmed on the live stream of Binks that he was using hacks. Little part of his confession - "I was using cheats for pushing to Radiant as I was getting matched against hackers in competitive. I was only using Wall Hacks only not of any other type like Aim Assist and other." While talking to many other Professional Valorant players on Discord, Xhade was advised to leave gaming and focus on something else. All the other Professional players and management staff requested all the viewers and gamers for not spreading hate againt Xhade.

Now, Xhade have deleted his YouTube channel as we tried searching his channel and ended up with an error. Given below are few screenshots to confirm this-


We will further provide more updates regarding this but for now in short, as Xhade confirmed, Xhade was using cheats to push to Radiant and according to Xhade he was not cheating in TEC Tournament. Riot have banned Xhade from Valorant and all eSport Tournaments.

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